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Carbon Collective - HEX Compound 2 Pad ∅150mm

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After years of machine polishing, it was finally time to create our own pads.

We took the characteristics from our favorite pads & created our own.

Our H.E.X polishing pads are designed to optimize your dual action polisher, increasing speed & cutting power.

The unique H.E.X pattern helps retain compound during polishing & lower surface temps, allowing a longer work time, whilst the wedge design utilises the 125mm backing plate, but allows a larger 150mm polishing area.

The slim 25mm pad construction helps to optimize the dual action polishing action, increasing cut.

Our number system helps you select the right pad for the job, see details below:

  • – Compound 1.
  • – Heavy cut, for removing oxidation, correcting after wet sanding & rejuvenating older paints.
  • – Compound 2.
  • – Medium cut, for removing deep scratches, correcting holograms & buffer trails.
  • – Polishing 3.
  • – Heavy Polishing, for removing swirls & lighter scratches whilst restoring gloss & clarity.


  • – Fits 125mm (5″) backing plates
  • – 150mm footprint
  • – Strong velvet velcro backing
  • – Centre Recess vents heat build up
  • – Slim 20mm design increases polishing action
  • – German Foams
  • – Will not leave behind swirls or marring

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